Parasite Eve HD

same method for all ps1 games (ex here bf4)

Download my HD pack here :

You need download all Part 1 2 3 4 and dezip!!

Part1: Parasite Eve HD    

Part2: Parasite Eve HD 2   

Part3: Parasite Eve HD 3   

Part4: Parasite Eve HD 4   

if you want HD text  (copy paste the texture in text folder to the big one)

''textures are 16x16 (128 textures per zone) upscaler

with a total weight of 20go, I highly recommend 

have a CRT Shader so you don't see the little **squares*.''

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you need a video tuto?


for legend of legaia i maded one , same for all ps1 HD


I have already done everything for you if you use the US version just unzip everything next to the .iso lol

Config beetle HW Here